The following images were extracted from the DVD "Bridge on the River Kwai" (ISBN 076-78-5873-5). Copyright Columbia Pictures Industries. Pictures are displayed here for scientific and educational purposes only. Please contact webmaster at in case copyright owner disagrees with display. There has been considerable discussion on about the use of Arriflex cameras on the production of BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI in 1957. These series of stills has been extracted from a small documentary featurette that is contained on the DVD mentioned above.

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The first picture shows camera personnel handing down an Arriflex 35, probably model 2A, down to a new position. The 400ft. (120 meters) magazine is covered with a white hood to prevent excessive heating from sun exposure.
1957-2000 Columbia Pictures Industries

The second picture shows the anamorphic prime lens mounted on the camera.
Note that this is a single lens, not an anamorphic adapter attached to a spherical prime lens.
A simple matte box is mounted in front of the anamorphic lens.

1957-2000 Columbia Pictures Industries

It is most likely that the original three-lens turret has been removed and replaced by a single lens port "hard front" type of mount. There is no support base which means that the weight of lens and mattebox are absorbed by the lens mount itself.
Although the resolution of the image is poor, it is obvious that the operator or assistant carrying the Arriflex is not giving the lens any special notice but carries the camera by its body only.
1957-2000 Columbia Pictures Industries

The last two pictures prove that the Scope lens is mounted securely enough to allow the camera personnel to carry the Arriflex safely in the same manner as usual with this type of camera. There are definitely no traces of gaffer tape or any kind of makeshift fixture as it was suggested in the discussion on !

1957-2000 Columbia Pictures Industries

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